Nick Zeffiro, SFS’18, Global Business

Nick Zeffiro headshot

Nick Zeffiro
Mission Viejo, CA
SFS Class of 2018
Major: GBUS – Global Business


Why did you choose to apply to the SFS at Georgetown?

I applied to the School of Foreign Service because during high school I had an interest in international relations. I had enjoyed participating in Model United Nations and studying global affairs in my AP Government class so, when it came time to apply, Georgetown really stood out. Georgetown offered an entire school dedicated to international relations, not just a major like many other universities. I loved that the SFS presented a core of general classes with an international emphasis. In a way, it seemed to me that the SFS core (taken in the underclassmen years) was the equivalent to an international relations degree at other schools, allowing me to specialize even further as an upperclassman into one of the many interesting majors.

Why did you choose your major?

I came into Georgetown planning on majoring in International Politics but knowing that I would want to go into international business upon graduating. Global Business was unveiled as a new major my freshman year and I decided to look into it. What really made me fall in love with the major was the SFS’s public policy oriented approach to business. Global Business is unique in that it is designed to highlight the intersection between the public and private sectors. I loved that the major courses are set up so that graduates have a toolkit of business knowledge to apply towards solving real world problems.

Nick Zeffiro HealyWhich Proseminar did you take freshman year? What has been your favorite class within your major so far?

For my Proseminar, I took ‘Fictions of Politics and International Relations’ with Professor Berlinerblau. The class was an engrossing mix between a literature class and a world affairs overview. We read a fictional work from each region of the world and dissected the domestic and international political currents that affected the lives of the characters. It was a challenging class that gave me a good introduction to the rigor and reward of Georgetown academics. My favorite class within Global Business has been Principles of Marketing with Professor Blanchard. Aside from watching tons of commercials over the course of the class, we also utilized psychology to analyze consumer behavior, gained hands-on experience with online advertisement software, and participated in real life marketing studies.

Have you studied abroad? How will this experience fit into your interests and requirements within your major? What language are you pursuing during your time here and how does that language study enhance your major?

I am planning on studying abroad in Madrid this coming fall to hone my Spanish language skills. Over the course of my Georgetown career I have taken many classes focused on the Spanish people and culture so I am excited for the opportunity to experience the country firsthand. Through studying Spanish at Georgetown I have consistently been Nick Zeffiro 3presented with current and historical events through the lenses of various other worldviews. I think studying an additional language besides English is crucial to any aspiring businessperson due to the impact of globalization on the ever-expanding world market.

What organizations or activities are you involved in on campus? What makes these activities meaningful to you?

I am involved in The Corp, Blue and Gray Tour Guide Society, Relay For Life, and the ESCAPE retreat program. I really enjoy working for The Corp because serving coffee to the Georgetown community is a fun way to make a bit of money on the side and interact with professionals and students alike. Blue and Gray has been particularly rewarding as it gives me the opportunity to share my love of Georgetown with prospective students. Both Relay For Life and ESCAPE give me an outlet to do volunteer work, in Relay through fundraising for the American Cancer Society and in ESCAPE through leading first years on the Jesuit retreat. I love these organizations because they allow me to stay busy while making a positive tangible impact on campus.

What are your future career goals and aspirations, and how does your major fit into your plans for the future?

Traveling has always been an interest of mine, so I am hoping to get a job at an international firm that offers the option to do business in a lot of different places. I really want to see the world and I figure working in a global market will warrant that. Additionally, I want to be in a field that betters the lives of others, so possibly a career relating to renewable energy or in economic development. The SFS core classes frame the whole major in an international mindset, which is right up my alley. But moreover, Global Business Nick Zeffiro GU Dayreally emphasizes applying private sector technical knowledge to the public sector’s more impact-oriented goals, which synchronizes nicely with my own aspirations.

What advice do you have for current or future BSFS students trying to determine their major?

My advice is to meet with your dean. A lot. I had numerous discussions with my freshman year dean about possible major options that best matched my interests. But in the end, make sure you do the research yourself as well. While the deans have the administrative knowledge to guide you to the right place, in the end it’s your decision. A lot of the majors split and specialize further so keep this in mind as well. Luckily, the SFS core is really great in that it encompasses a ton of different aspects of international relations. Try to pick out the parts of those classes that interest you the most and then look into the majors that represent them. You honestly can’t go wrong with any of the SFS majors, and the various certificate programs give you a great way to customize your degree.