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Featured Students

Rebecca Hinkhouse (SFS’19) Organizes Advocacy for Inclusion of Women in International Peace Processes on Capitol Hill

As a HoyasForShe Fellow working with the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS), Rebecca Hinkhouse (SFS’19) organized a series of meetingsfor Georgetown students on Capitol Hill, where they advocated for the implementation of the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Act. This act promotes the inclusion of women at every stage of international conflict management. “Leading this legislative advocacy campaign from the early planning stages through to our Hill meetings was a super gratifying experience. It taught me that student voices have value in national political conversations and that you have to be willing to exercise your voice if you want to make a difference,” said Hinkhouse.

Interdisciplinary research team studies the environmental impact of long-term refugee camps in Zambia

Interdisciplinary research team studies the environmental impact of long-term refugee camps in Zambia

Professor Lahra Smith and Professor Douglas Howard, along with students Tessa Coggio (MAGES’19), Rebecca Ohman (SFS’19), and Signe Stroming (SFS’19), ISIM Research Associate Nili Yossinger and Marley Chertok of US Geological Survey, spent the start of winter break at the Meheba refugee camp in Zambia. The goal of the research is to develop solutions to the resource management issues presented by long-term refugee settlements. “This is very challenging and difficult work, and it’s all the more important in the world we live in, where many countries don’t want more refugees to come,” Smith said.

#SummerSFS 2018

Photo of Brandi Coleman

Brandi Coleman

Brandi Coleman is a rising sophomore in the School of Foreign Service majoring in International Politics with a concentration in Security Studies, minoring in Spanish, and working to achieve a certificate in either Diplomatic Studies or Australia and New Zealand Studies.

Photo of Gary Xie

Gary Xie

From Vancouver, Canada, Gary Xie is a rising senior in SFS majoring in International Political Economy with a minor in French. He has previously interned at the US Senate, Brookings China Center and took a gap year in 2016 to work at Hillary Clinton’s Campaign HQ.

Photo of Chelsea Luo

Chelsea Luo

Qiaoxi Luo is a rising sophomore in the SFS, potentially majoring in IPEC with a certificate in International Development. She is a translator for TED talks and a social media manager for Bossier Magazine. This past summer, she was home in China and was thrilled to share her beloved hometown with the GU family.

Featured Alumni

Q&A with Hannah Beswick (MAAS’14), Partnerships Development Specialist at the UN Women Liaison Office

Hannah Beswick (MAAS’14) discusses her role as the Partnerships Development Specialist at the UN Women Liaison Office for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in Abu Dhabi, UAE. “My main role is to foster and build partnerships with organizations…for advancing the gender equality and women’s empowerment agenda in the GCC, across all areas.” Beswick says she has a “good challenge,” in that so many organizations want to work with them.

In honor of International Women’s Day, current and former diplomats discuss the global role of women

A number of current and former diplomats (including 12 Georgetown alumnae) discussed “women’s roles in shaping communities around the globe” in regards to International Women’s Day. “I was fortunate enough to have a couple of ambassadors and former ambassadors as professors, [and that] opened a whole new universe to me of opportunity. So, my time the School of Foreign Service was really formative, and I am glad I can lean on it in some respects as ambassador,” said Ambassador Alaina Teplitz (SFS’91).

Mickey Bergman

Mickey Bergman (MSFS’05) Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Mickey Bergman (MSFS’05), Vice President and Executive Director of the Richardson Center for Global Engagement, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work negotiating with North Korea to free U.S. prisoners and repatriate the remains of U.S. servicemen. For Bergman, meaningful connections are the most rewarding part of his work. “My highlights are when a family of a political prisoner or hostage feels that they are no longer abandoned by their government…or when I spent my 40th birthday in Havana enabling the first-ever incubator of American and Cuban entrepreneurs.”