Evan Medeiros headshot

Medeiros Explains “New Normal” of Consistent Tensions in U.S.-China Relations

In a Bloomberg TV interview, Professor Evan Medeiros, Penner Family Chair in Asian Studies and the Cling Family Senior Fellow in US-China Relations, explains how China’s cessation of internal reforms and increasingly aggressive stance on matters such as the South China Sea has ushered in a new paradigm of competition between Beijing and Washington.

Jacques Berlinerblau

Berlinerblau Discusses the Persistence of anti-Semitism in America

In a Washington Post video, Professor Jacques Berlinerblau, Director of the Center for Jewish Civilization, compares the historic resentment towards Jews in the United States to the racism experienced by African Americans. He notes the similarities between the recent Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and the 2017 shooting in a Charleston church.

Evan Medeiros headshot

Medeiros Discusses U.S.-China Trade Negotiations

In this interview with Bloomberg, Professor Medeiros predicts that the positive outcomes from trade negotiations with South Korea, Japan, and, most notably, Canada and Mexico will give President Trump “confidence that he can withstand making a quick deal with the Chinese.”