Kroenig Talks North Korea and Denuclearization

Professor Matthew Kroenig, Associate Professor of Government, appears on CBSN Washington to chime in about North Korea, the United States’ goal of denuclearization for North Korea, and the current situation of diplomatic talks.

Opalo Discusses the Importance of Term Limits in Africa

Professor Ken Opalo explains on TV2 Africa that term limits are important for political systems in Africa, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, because of the multi-ethnic nature of states and how term limits would contribute to power sharing in a more positive way.

Nexon discusses Trump foreign policy, media coverage

SFS Professor Dan Nexon spoke with Al Jazeera TV to examine recent events in foreign policy. He spoke on the G-7 Meetings, North Korea summit, and the challenges for news media in covering a Trump administration.

Victor Cha on how North Korea is evading sanctions

D.S. Song-KF Professorship in Government and International Affairs Victor Cha says that the deep sanctions currently levied on North Korea explain their motivation to ‘come to the table’ at this time. However, Dr. Cha also explains that North Korea is using “ship-to-ship” transfers on the high seas and cryptocurrency harvesting to evade the sanctions to some degree.