Professor Oriana Skylar Mastro testifies in full committee hearing

Professor Oriana Skylar Mastro testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing: “A New Approach for an Era of U.S.-China Competition.” Her three main points were that: 1) while China is not a threat to the US, there are conflicts in goals and interests; 2) China works with its military power for security and expects the US and other countries to let them without a fight; and 3) China’s territorial aims are limited.

Abraham Newman

Abraham Newman on the State of Brexit

In this interview aired on Al Jazeera, Professor Abraham gives a rundown on the latest news surrounding Brexit. Specifically, Newman noted that many EU leaders are simply looking to close a deal with the UK, but have been met with uncertainty and indecision around what exactly the UK is looking to get out of that deal. Newman noted that the British Parliament’s “overwhelming rejection” of Prime Minister Theresa May’s most recent proposed Brexit deal is evidence of that uncertainty among the UK officials.

Evan Medeiros headshot

Evan Medeiros discusses US-China trade relations on Bloomberg

SFS Professor Evan Medeiros believes that the US and China are reaching a new type of relationship in trade: “The US-China relationship is rapidly entering a new normal of persistent and consistent tensions that is going to be defined by competition on economic security, ideology, and technology questions.”