Green considers U.S.-China economic tensions

Professor Michael Green spoke to CNBC for an article on how trade war hostility may be keeping U.S.-China military relations in a state of friction. “Neither side is going to make a major move right now because of the basic balance of forces,” Green said.

Kroenig discusses growing fears of nuclear war

Professor Matthew Kroenig was interviewed by Vox about his concerns for the potential for nuclear war, noting that he has witnessed growing fears firsthand. “If I had to bet at least one nuclear weapon would be used in my lifetime, my bet would be yes,” Kroenig said. The article goes on to detail where and how nuclear war could happen if it did.

Cha: North Korea is keeping a close watch on the U.S. midterms

Professor Victor Cha spoke to Business Insider about how Americans aren’t the only ones anxious about the midterm elections—North Korea is too. “[North Korean officials] are really worried that the president, coming out on the other side of this election, may not be interested in this issue anymore, may be hog-tied or hand-tied by his Congress,” Cha said.

SFS Professor Victor Cha comments on the impact of US midterm elections on North Korea

SFS Professor Victor Cha talked to Foreign Policy about North Koreans closely monitoring the US midterm elections, and how it will affect President Trump’s power: “[North Korean officials] are really worried that the president, coming out on the other side of this election, may not be interested in this issue anymore, may be hog-tied or hand-tied by his Congress” should the Democrats regain control of the Congress.

Melanne Verveer calls for stronger efforts towards gathering reports of sexual violence

Melanne Verveer, executive director of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security, calls for the UN to enforce UN resolution 1325, which was adopted to acknowledge gendered violence throughout warfare, more strongly: “Sexual violence is still viewed too often as collateral of war as opposed to a strategic tool utilized by combatants to achieve their nefarious ends,” she said.

Mastro Offers Opinion on Alleged Chinese Election Meddling

In this ThinkProgress article, Professor Oriana Skylar Mastro offers her opinion on the allegations made by Vice President Mike Pence regarding China’s meddling in upcoming elections. She said that while “some of the things that the vice president, and indeed, the president, are saying about Chinese behavior are true…some are an exaggeration, kind of conspiracy-theoryesque.” She added that this “reduces the strength of our message on things that are of actually very critical relevance.”

Drew Christiansen, S.J. comments on President Trump’s funding decisions for Palestinians

Regarding President Trump’s to cancel the annual $350 million to the UN Relief and Works Agency, and funding for the USAID Israeli and Palestinian coexistence program, SFS Professor Drew Christiansen, S.J. said: “There is a kind of compatibility between Netanyahu and Trump in terms of the way they approach this; they’re both bullies who believe in sticks and no carrots. This is the way Netanyahu has been moving for years, never agreeing to talks and continuing the process of expropriating Palestinian land.”


Green Weighs in on Debate Around Visas for Chinese Students

In this Financial Times piece, Professor Michael Green warns that while Chinese espionage through avenues such as students and professors may be a problem, it is important not to the “throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Green added that “the overwhelming majority of Chinese students studying in the US become bridges not threats.”

SFS Professor Marc Busch talks to Vox on the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Dr. Marc Busch was quoted by Vox regarding the circumstances in which the USMCA deal came to be–the threat of tariffs from President Trump. Trump enthusiastically thanked tariffs after the deal was struck. Busch believes that this tactic will not hold out in the long run: “With that genie out of the bottle, we’re screwed. Now every country is going to learn from this. The problem with this Trump demonstration is that everyone was watching. If we can do it, they can too.”