Professor Michael Green outlines a new threat to the U.s. in Korea

Though relations between the U.S. and Korea have had historic importance, President Trump believes that “Korea is cheating the United States and troops should be withdrawn (according to recent research published by Victor Cha in The National Interest).” However, he has very few supporters in this belief. Professor Green cites that Charles Koch has endorsed restraining the U.S. military from overseas presences, which would push U.S. allies to bolster their own military support.

Professor Abraham Newman pens op-ed in the National interest about the infrastructures of america

In an op-ed in The National Interest, Professor Abraham Newman and his colleague wrote about the U.S.’s infrastructure, financially, globally, economically. They discussed two important decisions: 1) America’s decision to sanction the Chinese firm ZTE Corporation and 2) Europe’s creation of the “Special Purpose Vehicle,” an agreement to create humanitarian exchange with Iran. These decisions have created a number of issues, which could lead to “further splintering and contention between regional infrastructural systems.”

SFS Professor Kathleen McNamara pens op-ed for the Washington Post about “brexit chaos”

Professor Kathleen McNamara outlines three possible reasons behind why the European Union has gotten stronger as a result of “the long Brexit saga.” First, “Brexit has become a powerful example to other countries in Europe”. Second, the “Brexit mess has helped the E.U. consolidate its authority”. Third, “the E.U. has its own social glue,” strengthened by crisis.

Irfan Nooruddin

Professor Irfan Nooruddin and colleagues conduct study on cash, public health, welfare in Bihar, India

SFS Professor Irfan Nooruddin and his colleagues published an article yesterday on Brookings, summarizing a study they conducted in India where they asked rural Biharis what they thought about direct cash transfers. What they found was that most Biharis would prefer public health over cash, jobs, and improved roads: “…the poor would find it difficult to use their new cash to improve their children’s lives, in the absence of the supply of public health programs.”

Cristine Pederson (MSFS’20) pens op-ed in the New York Times on her experience in the Marine Corps as a woman

Cristine Pedersen (MSFS’20) wrote about “following her father” into the Marines. Having heard and seen her father’s experiences in the Marines, she entered with an idea of what she would experience, but left with a completely different idea. Pedersen outlined different instances of sexual harassment from higher-up officers, and issues of race and gender. In the end, as she discusses with her father, Pedersen writes: “Together we have learned that you can simultaneously love an institution and recognize how it is failing.”

Hoffman Discusses The Changing Face of Terrorism

In an op-ed published by War on the Rocks, expert in terrorism, Professor Bruce Hoffman discusses how the recent Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shooting illustrates the changing nature of terrorist strategy, which more commonly include lone wolf tactics and social media radicalization. Although these phenomena are closely associated with the self-proclaimed Islamic State, they were in fact both the innovations of right wing extremist groups.