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Klugman Lays Out Ways to Improve Women’s Economic Empowerment

In this Washington Post article, Professor Jeni Klugman discusses various ways to improve women’s economic empowerment around the globe. She also touches on the current barriers to achieving this goal, which include “inadequate protections related to parental leave, gender-based violence prevention and reproductive rights.”

Newman Discusses Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Companies

In this Washington Post article, Professor Abraham Newman discusses the recent news that the Chinese military has compromised the motherboards of servers used by Apple, a bank and various government contractors. Newman also explores how global supply chains create significant economic interdependence, and how this interdependence can be weaponized, using these vulnerabilities and choke points for strategic advantage.


Dr. Michael Green writes about the outcome of the Moon-Kim summit

On September 18, 2018, President Trump attended a summit with South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, and North Korean president, Kim Jong Un. SFS Professor Michael Green analyzed the outcome of the summit and concluded that the US is left with “five hard decisions” regarding declarations, joint exercises, the Kaesong Industrial Complex, sanctions, and President Trump himself.

SFS Professor Oriana Mastro pens op-ed for The Hill regarding President Trump’s new security strategy doctrine

In an op-ed for The Hill, SFS Professor Oriana Mastros analyzes one of President Trump’s speech before the UN General Assembly last week, specifically what she calls his “doctrine of patriotism” as a method for national security strategy. Ultimately, the president’s new strategy puts the US in a “power competition” with Russia and China. Additionally, the prevalence of patriotism in this strategy makes partnerships and alliances with America less attractive to other countries.

Kupchan Compares “America First” to the Pre-WWII Foreign Policy Isolationism

In an op-ed in Foreign Affairs, Professor Charles A. Kupchan reviews Trump’s United Nations General Assembly speech using a historical lens. Kupchan posits that Trump’s “America First” rhetoric, which includes the bucking of international organizations, is nothing new, but simply a rehash of the long-practiced 19th century policy of isolationism.

Hunter Analyzes Origins and Motives Behind Recent Attacks On Iran

In an op-ed in Lobe Log, Professor Shireen Hunter examines the recent attacks on Iran both by the Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz, an Arab nationalist group that seeks to separate part of Iran’s most south-westerly province from Tehran, and Kurdish insurgents in the northwest. Hunter looks at the struggles’ histories and suggests their recent iterations might be part of a strategy by Iran’s Arab rivals, perhaps with the blessing of the United States.