LeeAnn Dance (SFS’84) discusses creating a documentary film about the forgotten pogrom of Jews after WWI

When a friend brought his great-grandmother’s book which was about her experience in the post-WWI pogrom of Jews in Eastern Europe, LeeAnn Dance (SFS’84) was blown away; she didn’t know there had been a pogrom after WWI. A year later, she decided to make a documentary out of the book, “My Dear Children.” “‘My Dear Children’” points out how important it is, in order to understand the Holocaust we have to understand the violence in Eastern Europe that preceded it 20 years before,” said Dance.

Cristine Pederson (MSFS’20) pens op-ed in the New York Times on her experience in the Marine Corps as a woman

Cristine Pedersen (MSFS’20) wrote about “following her father” into the Marines. Having heard and seen her father’s experiences in the Marines, she entered with an idea of what she would experience, but left with a completely different idea. Pedersen outlined different instances of sexual harassment from higher-up officers, and issues of race and gender. In the end, as she discusses with her father, Pedersen writes: “Together we have learned that you can simultaneously love an institution and recognize how it is failing.”

Yann de Rochefort’s (SFS’89) boqueria reviewed by the washington post

Yann de Rochefort (SFS’89) just opened up his sixth location of his restaurant, Boqueria, in Penn Quarter. With locations in New York and Washington, DC, Boqueria has been a success; his newest location was reviewed by food critic Tom Sietsema (SFS’83) in the Washington Post, and given 3 stars.

Judith Sherman (SFS’82), chief of HIV and AIDS at UNICEF Malawi, discusses her career in public health

Georgetown alumna Judith Sherman (SFS’82) has worked in public health her whole life. As chief of HIV and AIDS at UNICEF Malawi, “[Sherman’s] current responsibilities involve coordinating efforts by HIV specialists and working with government health officials to attack and overcome challenges blocking efforts to reduce the incidence of AIDS and HIV exposure.” Additionally, she’s been able to help with developing a program for sexual and reproductive health for teens in Malawi.

Keegan Pierce (SFS’02) discusses scoring a “dream job” in an interview with Forbes

Keegan Pierce (SFS’02) has been working with La Liga, the men’s professional football league in Spain, home to teams like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Pierce’s job as the U.K and Ireland Delegate for La Liga is to “[bring] the magic of Messi and the rest of Spain’s LaLiga to one of the most dynamic football markets in the world.” Pierce describes his job and his experiences thus far in an interview with Forbes.

Bangkok Post profiles SFS Alumnus Jack Leslie (SFS’76)

The Bangkok Post profiled SFS alumnus Jack Leslie (SFS’76), who is the Chairman of Weber Shandwick, a public relations firm. While Leslie originally wanted to be a doctor growing up, he switched gears and worked for Senator Ted Kennedy for eight years after graduating from Georgetown. Eventually, he met a media consultant while working for Kennedy, and ended up working for the Sawyer Miller Group, “one of the pioneers in political media consulting during the late 1980s and early ’90s” which would later become Weber Shandwick.