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  • SFS On Topic: U.S. - North Korea Singapore Summit

    SFS On Topic: U.S. - North Korea Singapore Summit

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Mastro looks at China’s hidden global ambitions

In an op-ed in Foreign Affairs, Professor Oriana Skylar Mastro writes that China has continuously assured the world that its ambition is not to become a global hegemon. In doing so, however, China disguises its true aims: complete dominance in the Indo-Pacific region, and enough power to counter Washington when needed.

Sekerci raises concerns about CVE programs

Kristin Sekerci, an Islamophobia researcher with Georgetown’s Bridge Initiative, spoke to The Chicago Reader about the problems with Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programs. “The theory of radicalization is an Islamophobic, junk science theory.”

Ambassador Alaina Teplitz (SFS’91) discusses her goals as newly-appointed US Ambassador to Sri Lanka

SFS alumna Alaina Teplitz (SFS’91) is the newly-appointed US Ambassador to Sri Lanka. In an interview with the Sri Lanka Mirror, Teplitz outlined her hopes and goals for her time as ambassador: “Among those is strengthening our business ties, looking for opportunities for US investments here, and greater trade. Whilst the US is Sri Lanka’s largest export market, I’d also like to see more import of US products, investments, and businesses in Sri Lanka, and contributing to the growth of the country. I’d like to see progress in our mutual security challenges, including maritime.”

Christine Fair

SFS Professor Christine C. Fair analyzes the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army

Professor Christine C. Fair writes about the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) and whether or not it’s an Islamist organization and how that affects the Rohingya population of Myanmar. While the government of Myanmar claims that ARSA is an Islamist organization, but Fair points out that they do not align themselves enough to Islamism to be considered Islamist. However, this is making it difficult for Myanmar to consider the wishes of Rohingya refugees: to come back home to Myanmar under “government recognition as a distinct ethnic group.” The consensus at this point seems to be that displaced Rohingya refugees will remain in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Abraham Newman Breaks Down Arrest of Huawei Executive

In this Washington Post article, Professor Abraham Newman breaks down the “arrest and possible extradition to the United States of Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Chinese communications giant Huawei, in Canada for possible sanctions violations.” Abraham explains that the arrest is not “a simple criminal case, or even a crude effort to exert economic pressure on China.” Instead, “it shows how the geostrategic relationship between the Washington and Beijing is changing.”