Meagan Dooley

Meagan DooleyMeagan just completed her first year in the M.A. in Global Human Development Program in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, with a focus in refugees and humanitarian response. This summer, she worked in Amman, Jordan from May 21st to August 6th with Mercy Corps on their Syrian refugee response. She helped Mercy Corps create "success story" and "illustrative action" write ups for each of their programs through site visits and focus groups. She also helped streamline Mercy Corps reporting structure so different programs have the ability to see what other sectors are doing and learn from their experience. Meagan worked on the violence prevention team in communities with large Syrian and Jordanian populations to help Mercy Corps develop a new advocacy and policy program to engage local stakeholders and the Government of Jordan in building resilient communities. Prior to Georgetown, Meagan was a Fulbright ETA in Turkey and worked for a study abroad program in Jordan. She earned her B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from Seattle Pacific University.