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Multidisciplinary Curriculum

The eight graduate programs at the School of Foreign Service integrate a multidisciplinary course of study across academic fields. SFS takes pride in its ability to foster crosscutting, multi-level understanding of international affairs in our students through the study of theory and practice, preparing graduate students to enter the dynamic international system in both professional and academic capacities.

Bryan Furman“SFS taught me how to examine world events from a multidisciplinary perspective and communicate my thoughts effectively both verbally and in written form. These skills will help me make more holistic decisions as a Foreign Service Officer, no matter where I serve.” -Bryan Furman (MAERES’16)


Graduate students specialize within their programs in topics like Women and Gender within the Arab Studies Program to Unconventional Weapons and Non-Proliferation within the Security Studies Program. Many SFS graduate programs require foreign language proficiency, which puts research, theory, and policy into regional context.

AlexRued_hs“Never again will I spend hours each week with some of the world’s most brilliant and enthusiastic academics and practitioners—all for the sole purpose of learning. I will definitely miss such a unique opportunity.” –Alex Rued (MASIA’16)


SFS faculty include research professors and field practitioners, bringing every element of international study into the classroom. Small, interactive, and rigorous classes integrate unique internships, practitioner-led workshops, and other academic opportunities.

David Tian DeGioiaWith its strategic location and well-deserved reputation, I knew that I would have access to professors who are not only academics, but also experts in practical policy matters as well.” -David K. Tian (MASIA’16)


Graduate certificates at Georgetown are designed to allow students to expand upon graduate degree coursework in a targeted field of interest, bringing together students from across graduate programs. Certificate curriculum is individually designed in consultation with each student’s home program.

Certificates can include introductory courses, language proficiency requirements, internship opportunities, and thesis research.

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Master of Arts in Arab Studies (MAAS)

Master of Arts in Asian Studies (MASIA)

Master of Arts in Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies (MAERES)

Master of Arts in German and European Studies (MAGES)

Master of Global Human Development (MGHD)

Master of Arts in International Business and Policy (MA-IBP)

Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (MALAS)

Master of Arts in Security Studies (SSP)

Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)

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African Studies

Arab Studies

Asian Studies

Diplomatic Studies

Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies

International Business Diplomacy

Latin American Studies

Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies