GHD Graduate Matt Ramirez Values Faculty in Career Path


Matt Ramirez
Master of Global Human Development
East Brunswick, New Jersey
Internships during time at SFS:
Inter-American Development Bank
Aceso Global
Activity/internship Summer 2015:
Grassroots Business Fund – Worked on improving social impact evaluation and incorporating qualitative data into analysis and communications


What made you choose SFS for your graduate education?
I wanted to learn more about the field of international development and the opportunity to study in Washington DC at a school with SFS’s reputation was always a really attractive option. Having the chance to join the Global Human Development program which offered a range of practitioner focused courses with a small, experienced cohort aligned with what I really wanted out of my graduate school experience.

IMG_0318Do you have any mentors or advisors at SFS who made a big impact on you?
I’ve had a chance to get to know many of our program’s faculty and staff and all have offered great support and guidance but my faculty advisor Holly Wise and our Director Steven Radelet in particular have been great supporters and always there to offer advice and to help me think through a variety of issues and questions.

How has SFS prepared you for your career path?
SFS has provided me with a broader understanding of the career options in the field of international development and the skills, experience, and network to pursue them.

GSO Semi Formal 2015What has been your favorite course at Georgetown and why?
The Economics of Development course taught by Professor Steve Radelet. It was the first semester of the program and still one of the courses I remember best. He provided a great overview of the history of development and the different forces driving economic growth. Professor Radelet was also a great lecturer that challenged all of us to really master the material.

What will you miss the most about Georgetown?
My classmates. It’s been an honor to share these two years with such a talented, diverse, passionate, and fun group of people. I have learned a ton from all of them, made lifelong friendships, and will definitely miss getting to see them every week.