Gen. George Casey, Jr. (SFS’70)

General George Casey Jr. (ret.) (SFS’70) is a four-star general who served the US Army for 41 years following his graduation from the SFS. General Casey was an undergraduate student at Georgetown during the Vietnam War. When his father was killed in Vietnam, he felt that it was his duty to serve. His first assignment in the military was in Egypt in the middle of the Cold War on the Suez Canal. Years later, he became a Brigadier General, and went back to D.C. to work on political-military issues surrounding Europe, his “first big step onto the international stage.” After 9/11, General Casey became the Director of Strategy and Policy for the U.S. Military, working on military strategy for the War on Terror. Looking back on his career, he is most proud of “seeing the army through a very difficult period, and coming out stronger and better prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.”