Freddy Kaiser (MAGES’18) Says SFS community has prepared her for a career in international business

Friederike (Freddy) Kaiser
German and European Studies Program, Class of 2018
Frankfurt, Germany via 100 Mile House in British Columbia, Canada 
Languages: German, French
Summer 2017: BMW’s DC-based Government Affairs Office
Favorite Classes: Modern European History, with Professor Mario Daniels; Business and Investment Negotiations, with Professor Ted Moran
On-Campus Activities:
Teaching Assistant to Secretary Madeleine Albright
Non-GU Activities:
Strategic communications at Albright Stonebridge Group
May 1, 2018
by Xander Causwell

Freddy Kaiser found an enriching community at SFS that she did not anticipate before enrolling in the Master’s in German and European Studies Program. She was surprised at “how close-knit the community is, not just within the MAGES program but across the graduate SFS.”

That community is what she will also miss most about SFS. Kaiser says, “there are so many passionate, interesting people here who are committed to service. This is unquestionably the best part of SFS, and what I will miss the most when I leave the Hilltop.”

Kaiser presenting at the BMW Center for German and European Studies

Kaiser was born in Frankfurt, Germany but grew up in Canada. After receiving her BA in Political Science from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, she chose to focus on European Affairs and international business relations for her graduate studies. That decision led her to the MAGES program at Georgetown:

“I chose Georgetown for its strong reputation as a top school for global affairs careers, and for the MAGES program’s interdisciplinary curriculum and professional development opportunities. As someone who wanted to focus on the role of business in international relations, I was also drawn to the Landegger Honors Program in International Business Diplomacy, which allowed me to pursue a concentration in European business, trade, and finance.”

Kaiser’s experience in the MAGES program broadened her perspective on the relationship between business and international affairs.

“I knew I wanted to focus on the role of international business in foreign affairs, and that interest strengthened as I dove more deeply into many of these issues at Georgetown. However, the interdisciplinary focus at MAGES led me to develop new perspectives on my interests and allowed me to see how deeply interconnected they are with other areas of international affairs.”

It is understandable, then, that Kaiser’s favorite classes at SFS were ones that challenged her to consider how her chosen academic focus intersects with other academic disciplines.

Kaiser and fellow TAs with Secretary Albright

“I had two favorite classes. The first was my class on Modern European History with Professor Mario Daniels. It changed the way I view contemporary political issues and made me aware of just how germane history is to policymaking. The second was Business and Investment Negotiations with Professor Ted Moran. Professor Moran challenges his students to look at how corporate strategy intersects with public policy and development issues. It was a difficult but extremely rewarding class, one I recommend to all SFS students.”

Outside of class, Kaiser found multiple advisors in the SFS community who have contributed to her intellectual and professional development.

“My thesis advisor, Professor Holger Wolf, has really helped me strengthen my academic research and writing throughout the year-long process of putting together my thesis on eurozone reform. Rosie O’Neil, Deputy Director of the International Business Diplomacy program, has also been an incredible resource in terms of career planning and providing opportunities to strengthen the technical skills necessary to succeed in the international business arena.”

Undoubtedly, though, Kaiser’s professional relationship with Professor Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State, has had an outsized impact on Kaiseer’s experience at SFS:

“I am currently teaching assistant to Secretary Madeleine Albright for the 2017/2018 academic year. I develop content for her course on national security policy and lead a seminar of 25 undergraduate students. Getting to work alongside a former Secretary of State (and personal role-model) has been an extraordinary experience for which I am extremely grateful.”

Kaiser at her current place of employment

Off-campus, Kaiser has been employing the knowledge gained at SFS, along with her German and French language skills, to advance in the professional world. Last summer, she worked at BMW’s DC-based government affairs office, where she “conducted advocacy and prepared reports and presentations on international trade, automated vehicle policies, and cybersecurity.”

This spring, Kaiser has been working in strategic communications at Albright Stonebridge Group, a global consulting firm. She has a clear vision of how she wants her career to progress from there:

“I’m looking forward to working in corporate strategy, risk assessment, or government affairs. Project finance in particular is an area I’m interested in.”

Looking back on her experience over the last two years, however, it is still the community at SFS that has made all the difference. She says,” D.C. is an incredible place to live and work, but it’s the people that really make Georgetown the best place to study international relations. My experience at SFS has been enriched immeasurably by my classmates.”