Father Desbois on 60 Minutes About His Search for Forgotten Victims of the Holocaust

CBS correspondent Lara Logan and Father Patrick Desbois / CBS News

World-renowned French scholar and SFS Adjunct Professor Father Patrick Desbois was featured on CBS News’ 60 Minutes where he discussed his mission to discover forgotten victims of the Holocaust whose bodies lie in unmarked mass graves in the former USSR. Father Desbois sees his Holocaust work as valuable not just in a historical sense, but also with implications for the present and future genocides. To view the episode or read the transcript, see here.

Father Desbois co-taught a class to 11 students at Georgetown in 2014 that examined this lesser-known chapter of the genocide of Jews in Europe Holocaust and involved students in conducting further research on the topic. These students got the opportunity to accompany Father Desbois on a research trip to Moldova during Spring Break in 2015. See here for more about the class or here for reflections written by the students from their research trip to Moldova.

Father Desbois interviews a witness / CBS News

Georgetown students in Moldova with Father Desbois