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ROBERT J. LIEBER is Professor of Government and International Affairs at Georgetown University, where he has previously served as Chair of the Government Department and Interim Chair of Psychology. In addition, he chairs the Executive Committee of Georgetown’s Program for Jewish Civilization. He is author or editor of sixteen books on international relations and U.S. foreign policy, and he has been an advisor to several presidential campaigns, to the State Department, and to the drafters of U.S. National Intelligence Estimates. His latest book, Power and Willpower in the American Future: Why the U.S. is Not Destined to Decline, has been published by Cambridge University Press and is available in hardcover, paperback, and e-reader.

Professor Lieber was born and raised in Chicago received his undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin and earned his Ph.D. at Harvard. He has held fellowships from the Guggenheim, Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and the Smith Richardson Foundation.  He has also taught at Harvard, Oxford and the University of California, Davis, and has been Visiting Fellow at the Fondation nationale des sciences politiques in Paris, the Brookings Institution in Washington, and Fudan University in Shanghai.

His articles and op-eds have appeared in scholarly journals, magazines and newspapers, including International Security, Foreign Policy, American Political Science Review, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The National Interest, Commentary, Internationale Politik (Berlin), Politique Etrangere (Paris), International Affairs (London), Harper’s, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Ha’aretz (Tel Aviv), and Asharq Al-Awsat (London), among others, and his media appearances have included ¬the NewsHour on PBS TV, ABC TV’s Good Morning America and Nightline, NBC and CBS network news, Voice of America, BBC World Service, Al Jazeera, and other radio and TV programs in Europe, the Arab world and Israel. In 2013, Professor Lieber received Georgetown University’s Career Research Achievement Award and was also named the Hepburn-Shibusawa Distinguished Senior Lecturer at the University of Tokyo.  In addition, he is an avid tennis player, and among his other credits is a walk-on part in the Alfred Hitchcock film classic, NORTH BY NORTHWEST.

Areas of Expertise: U.S. foreign policy; grand strategy; primacy; Middle East; Arab-Israeli Conflict; Europe.

  • Ph.D. (1968) Harvard University, Department of Government
  • B.A. (high honors) (1963) University of Wisconsin, Political Science



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