Osama W. Abi-Mershed

Osama W. Abi-Mershed
Associate Professor
241 ICC

Associate Professor

Director – Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS)

Osama Abi-Mershed is Associate Professor of History at Georgetown University, where he teaches courses on North Africa, the Middle East, and the Western Mediterranean (medieval and modern); on Arab and Ottoman societies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; and on colonial and post-colonial Franco-Maghribi relations. His academic research focuses on the ideologies and practices of colonial modernization in nineteenth century Algeria, and on the parallel processes of state-and nation-making in France and North Africa.

Areas of Expertise: History,  Middle East & North Africa, North Africa, Research Methodology, Social Theory, History of Maghrib and Andalus, Mediterranean Studies, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Imperialism, Colonial Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Arabic, Islamic Studies

  • Ph.D. (2003) Georgetown University , History
  • M.A. (1997) George Washington University, International Affairs
  • M.B.A. (1988) George Washington University , International Finance and Marketing
  • B.A. (1985) American University of Beirut, Economics


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“The Second Algerian Crisis, 1992-1994: Algeria in the Memory of France,” in Arab Studies Journal 7:1, Spring, 8-33, 1999.