Christine Kim

Christine Kim
Christine Kim
Associate Professor of Teaching
302 H ICC

Associate Professor of Teaching, Asian Studies Program

Christine Kim is an Associate Professor of Teaching in the Asian Studies Program of Georgetown University. She teaches modern Korean history and other topics in East Asian history, including comparative colonialisms, twentieth century conflicts, and political symbolism. She received her doctorate in history and East Asian languages from Harvard University, and an MA in international relations from Columbia. Her research and writing has focused on national identity, material culture, and political movements. Her forthcoming book The King Is Dead explores the ways that colonization and modernization influenced Korean polity and identity during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A most recent study analyzes the problem of cultural properties (antiquities). She has also written on royal photographic portraits in colonial period. She is presently working on a study of arts management in Korea after WWII.

Areas of Expertise: Korea, colonialism, empire, Cold War.

  • Ph.D. Harvard, History and East Asian Languages (HEAL)
  • M.I.A. Columbia, International Affairs
  • B.A. University of Virginia, East Asian Studies (Chinese)


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(Appears in Japanese translation as “Kyouwasei Kankoku ni okeru Chousen ouchou, 1945-1965” (The Choson monarchy in Republican Korea, 1945-1965), in Hokutou Ajia no rekishi to kioku (History and memory of Northeast Asia), ed. Mikyoung Kim and Barry Schwartz (Tokyo: Keiso shobo, 2014), pp. 257-77.)

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