B. Lindsay Lowell

B. Lindsay Lowell
Research Professor
3100 Harris Building

Research Professor

Institute for the Study of International Migration

Dr. Lowell is Director of Policy Studies at the Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University. He was previously Director of Research at the Congressionally-appointed Commission on Immigration Reform. He has been Research Director of the Pew Hispanic Center, an Analyst at the Department of Labor; and he taught at Princeton and the University of Texas. Dr. Lowell has written over 150 articles and reports in journals such as Demography, American Economic Review, Industrial Relations and Work and Occupations.

Areas of Expertise: US and comparative immigration policy, mobility of the highly skilled, labor force and economic development

  • PhD (1985) Sociology (Demography), Brown University
  • MA (1880) Sociology (Organizational Behavior), University of Utah
  • BA (1987) Sociology (Social Psychology), University of Utah


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Policy Reports and Book Chapters:

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