Anthony Clark Arend

Anthony Clark Arend
590 ICC


Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Graduate Affairs

Director of Master of Science in Foreign Service Program

Anthony Clark Arend is Professor of Government and Foreign Service at Georgetown University. On July 1, 2008, he became the Director of the Master of Science in Foreign Service in the Walsh School of Foreign Service. With Professor Christopher C. Joyner, he founded the Institute for International Law & Politics at Georgetown and served as co-director of the Institute from 2003-2008. His is also an adjunct professor of law at the Georgetown University Law Center. Prior to coming to Georgetown, he was a Senior Fellow at the Center for National Security Law at the University of Virginia School of Law. He has also served as an Articles Editor for the Virginia Journal of International Law.

Areas of Expertise: International Law, International Organization, International Relations, International Legal Philosophy, and Constitutional Law of United States Foreign Relations

  • Ph.D. (1985) University of Virginia, Foreign Affairs
  • M.A. (1982) University of Virgina, Foreign Affairs
  • B.S.F.S (1980) Georgetown University, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service



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Articles in Journals

Sarah Elizabeth Kreps and Anthony Clark Arend.Why States Follow the Rules: Toward a Positional Theory of Adherence to International Legal Regimes.” Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law 16 (2006): 331.

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Edited Books

Anthony Clark Arend, ed. The United States and the Cumpulsory Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice. Lanham: University Press of America, 1986.

Alberto R. Coll & Anthony C. Arend, ed. The Falklands War: Lessons for Strategy, Diplomacy, and International Law. London: Allen & Unwin, 1985.