Emily Belson, SFS’18, Regional and Comparative Studies

Emily Belson Prague

Emily Belson
Concord, Mass.
SFS Class of 2018
Major: RCST – Regional and Comparative Studies


Why did you choose to apply to the SFS at Georgetown?

I chose to apply to SFS because I knew I wanted to study International Affairs, and having a school and degree program in Foreign Service seemed like the ideal way to be immersed in this field.

Why did you choose your major? What are you focusing on within RCST?

I chose my major because of my Proseminar, actually. I am concentrating on the Middle East and Western Europe, focusing on human rights and especially gender equality issues.

Which Proseminar did you take freshman year? What has been your favorite class within your major so far?

I took Islam and the West with Professor Esposito, which has also been my favorite class because of its influence on what I am studying now. It ended up inspiring my major because I found it so interesting to study the dichotomy between the Islamic World and the Western World. We read many opinions on whether these worlds are in irreconcilable opposition, talked about Islam versus Christianity and Judaism, and looked at human rights. I researched women’s rights and the conflicts with feminism and secularism in Islamic society, and my interest in these topics led me to model my major off of this class.

Emily Belson GU DayHave you studied abroad? How will this experience fit into your interests and requirements within your major? What languages are you pursuing during your time here and how does that language study enhance your major?

I haven’t studied abroad yet, but I am planning to go to Jordan in Fall 2016. I am excited to take Arabic there and I think living in the Middle East will enhance and expand my study of the region immensely. I also take Italian so I will have experience in languages both from the Middle East and from Western Europe.

What organizations or activities are you involved in on campus? What makes these activities meaningful to you?

The organizations I am most involved with are GAAP (Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program), SAPE (Sexual Assault Peer Educators), Club Rock Climbing, and GIVES (Georgetown Individuals Vocal and Energetic for Service). GAAP has been one of my favorite activities since I got to Georgetown because I love talking to prospective students about our school and how much I love it. With SAPE, I facilitate discussions for clubs and sports teams about sexual assault prevention and bystander intervention, which are issues that I am passionate about. Finally, I got involved in Rock Climbing during my GOPOP (Georgetown Outdoor Pre-Orientation Program) and it has been my favorite sport since. The team is full of great people and it is such a unique activity that I feel lucky to have gotten involved. Finally, GIVES embodies what I love about Georgetown: our caring and thoughtful community.

Emily Belson IsraelWhat are your future career goals and aspirations, and how does your major fit into your plans for the future?

I hope to be working internationally in the future and I think that expertise that RCST provides in our chosen regions will help me to be able to fulfill this goal.

What advice do you have for current or future BSFS students trying to determine their major?

Do what you love and what you’re interested in, not just what you think sounds like a practical major, because you will be so much more excited to take classes, research, and learn if you are enthusiastic about your major!