Elizabeth Tse, SFS’17, Science, Technology, and International Affairs

Elizabeth Tse

Elizabeth Tse
Hong Kong
SFS Class of 2017
Major: STIA – Science, Technology, and International Affairs


Why did you apply to the SFS at Georgetown?

I applied to the School of Foreign Service for the academics. The SFS offers the most integrated, interdisciplinary international relations program in the United States. The core curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the fundamental aspects of international relations, such as history and economics. More importantly, however, core classes teach students how to think and allow students to develop the analytical and writing abilities that will be required of them at higher-level classes (e.g. seminars in their major).

Why did you choose your major?

STIA aligns with my interest in how science and technology-oriented policy could enhance the long-term socioeconomic progression of my home community of Hong Kong, as well as the D.C. community. My concentration within STIA is Business, Growth and Development. This concentration gives me the opportunity to understand the significance of science and technological developments in international business and finance dynamics. I am very interested in the study of developing Asian economies with regards to international business, trade and finance and would like to explore the impacts of science and technological education and increasing innovation in these countries. I’m also fascinated by the role of international organizations such as the Asian Development Bank and the World Trade Organization in development with regards to Southeast and East Asia.

What languages are you pursuing during your time here and how does that language study enhance your major?

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, an education in the School of Foreign Service has been a unique and wonderful experience for me. I decided not to study abroad because the quality of life here at the University is incredibly enriching. During my time at Georgetown I met inspiring professors and classmates [who] pushed [me] to think and act creatively, and I became very active in an array of extracurricular activities. Having gone through the Georgetown German Department’s Intensive language program, however, I would like to visit and perhaps live or work in Germany someday to make good use of the German language skills I acquired.

Elizabeth Tse cherry blossomsWhat organizations or activities are you involved in on campus? What makes these activities meaningful to you?

I am the 2015 – 2016 Walsh Exchange Undergraduate Research Conference Chair. The Walsh Exchange is housed under the School of Foreign Service and focuses on international relations research and promoting dialogue about pertinent issues in international affairs. I am also the Alumni Coordinator for the Georgetown International Relations Club and last year I was the Director of Academic Programming. I reached out to various embassies and ambassadors last year, inviting them to campus to speak about particular foreign policy issues, or scheduling embassy visits for Georgetown students. What I really love about these activities, and many other student groups at Georgetown, is that students have many opportunities to give back to the community while serving alongside their peers. Additionally, when not doing any of the above, I love running and making Chinese food!

What are your future career goals and aspirations, and how does your major fit into your plans for the future?

I am interested in a number of career areas, including but not limited to international development, international finance, public policy, financial regulation and social entrepreneurship. I am not sure of what exactly I would like to pursue, but I believe that the STIA major will shape me into a confident and open-minded individual and help me hone my career interests further.

What advice do you have for current or future BSFS students who are trying to determine their major?

Do not come into the SFS with a predetermined notion of what you want to major in. Take the courses that you find the most interesting, and start to explore what majors these courses might belong to and whether or not they might diversify your Georgetown academic experience. When in doubt, consult your dean and reach out to friends that are upperclassmen at Georgetown – they are incredibly useful resources regarding classes and developing your academic career here!