Current and future Georgetown students are among 2014 Pickering Fellows

Current and future Georgetown students from the School of Foreign Service (SFS) are among the 40 Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellows. The U.S. Department of State and Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation fund and administer the fellowship program, which is named after the former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, El Salvador, Israel, India and Russia.

Undergraduate fellows include SFS seniors Shaiesha Moore and Laura Solano who will receive financial support towards tuition and expenses during their senior year. Ms. Moore is majoring in Middle East regional studies with a concentration in democracy and development. Ms. Solano is majoring in international political economy.

Four 2014 Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs will bring their fellowships to Georgetown University for their master’s degrees. Yared Aklilulove (UCLA) and Porter Illi (Utah State University) are joining the 2016 class for the Master of Foreign Service program. Bryan Furman (The College of New Jersey) joins the Master of Arts in Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies and Eddy Santana (Tufts University) will obtain his Master of Arts degree in German and European Studies.

2012 Pickering Fellow Mawusi Anela Malik (Northern Arizona University) will be starting the Master in Arab Studies program this fall.  2013 Pickering Fellow Kenton Slaughter will join the incoming Master of Foreign Service class.

Fellows in both programs participate in one domestic and one overseas internship, receive mentoring from Foreign Service Officers and must complete a minimum five year service commitment as a Foreign Service Officer. The two undergraduates will also receive financial support during their first year of graduate study. Fellows must meet all Foreign Service entry requirements to remain in the program.