Cole Florey (MASIA’17) Appreciates Comprehensive Georgetown Experience


Cole Florey
Master of Arts in Asian Studies, Class of 2017
Couer d’Alene, Idaho
Summer 2016 Internship: State Department internship, Political Section at U.S. Embassy Tokyo.
Favorite Classes: “Crisis Decision-making in National Security Policy-making – was especially enjoyable, because it allowed me a forum to apply all the knowledge and skills I gained throughout the past two years.”
D.C. Jobs and Internships:
Intern, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Associate Editor, Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs
Analyst, The Asia Group


May 10, 2017
by Matt Raab

Cole Florey came to SFS to deepen his knowledge of a familiar subject and region.

After having lived in Tokyo for almost two years, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of both domestic and regional politics,” Florey said.

At the MASIA program, he found the resources, experience, and perspective to do just that.

“I chose to join the Asian Studies Program at Georgetown because it allowed me the unique opportunity of studying East Asian politics and security while simultaneously expanding my knowledge of history, society, and culture in the Asia-Pacific,” Florey said, “a comprehensive approach I believe to be crucial for any career in foreign policy research or diplomacy.”

Florey (left) at a MASIA holiday party.

The personal relationships he has formed–from faculty mentorships to roundtables to program holiday parties–have been a crucial part of that experience.

“The people at SFS are exceptionally well-rounded and motivated, and I will miss having the opportunity to connect with such a diversity of people on a daily basis,” Florey said.

Florey highlighted his relationship with Professor Michael Green as a particularly valuable experience.

“Without Michael Green’s mentorship, I certainly would not be where I am today. Not only were his classes always insightful and entertaining, but also he helped me tremendously in planning my future,” Florey said.

Florey takes in a view on a hike in Japan, where he interned during the summer of 2016 and spent two years before attending SFS.

Looking ahead to life after graduation, Florey reflected on the opportunity to engage with and work in Washington, D.C. while he studied at Georgetown. His experiences have included a summer at the political section of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and a year as an analyst at The Asia Group.

“While it was certainly a challenge to work and go to school at the same time, graduate school in D.C. provided me the opportunity to gain more experience than I could have in any other city simply due to D.C.’s access to incredible semester internships and jobs,” he said.

After Georgetown, Florey will stay on with The Asia Group, furthering a career focused on crucial issues in East Asia.

“After graduation I will be staying on at The Asia Group as an Associate, where I will work with clients on political and economic affairs in Japan, as well as regional developments in politics and security,” Florey explained.