Chloe Krawczyk

Originally from Palo Alto, California, Chloe Krawczyk is pursuing a Master's of Science degree in the School of Foreign Service (MSFS) with a concentration in Global Business and Finance. She is a 2016 Wallenberg International Fellow and an Honors Candidate in the Landegger Program for International Business Diplomacy. Last summer, she evaluated start-ups for venture capital funding at EQT Ventures in Stockholm. Her favorite parts of exploring the world are getting to know new people, appreciating diverse cultures and perspectives, and learning phrases in new languages. Chloe is bilingual in Mandarin and English and commands a working proficiency of Spanish. Chloe graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor's of Science in Science, Technology and International Affairs (Energy and the Environment). Her research focused (1) on China and California geographically, and (2) on water issues, alternative/conventional energy, innovation, and policymaking in terms of subject matter. Previously, she was employed full-time at an economic consulting firm, conducting complex economic and financial analysis for litigation. Her casework experience spans topics such as energy, securities, IP, technology, financial distress, and valuation.


Here are some highlights from Chloe Krawcyzk's #SummerSFS!