The SFS community was represented at both the Republican and Democratic conventions, including a Georgetown student delegation sponsored at each convention by the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service. Alumni of SFS were at the conventions in multiple capacities from commenting for the media to speaking on-stage.

Global Strategist Parag Khanna on “Connectography”

Alumnus Parag Khanna (SFS’99, SSP’05) considers that today’s world is more accurately represented not by 200 discrete nations, but by connections between “megacities” which have surpassed in importance the countries to which they belong.

SFS On Topic: Brexit

A referendum (popularly referred to as “Brexit”) was held on Thursday, June 23, 2016 to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union. The SFS community, including faculty and alumni, weighed in on the political and economic implications of the historic result, which called for the UK to leave the EU.

Alumnus Ilja Tüchter Comments On Brexit

Ilja Alexander Tüchter (SFS’93, MSFS’94) is a foreign editor at DIE RHEINPFALZ, one of the larger daily newspapers in Germany. He shared his thoughts about Brexit.

Alumnus Andrew Jameson Discusses His Interviewing Firm

Seasoned television producer and entrepreneur Andrew Jameson (SFS’90) describes his company Forward with The New York Times. As co-owner, Jameson works to produce professional video interviews paid for by the subject.

Remembering SFS Dean Jesse A. Mann, 1922-2016

Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service is sorry to announce the death of former SFS dean Jesse Mann on April 10, 2016. Although his term was a brief two years—from 1968-1970—his actions to strengthen the School just as it was turning 50 years old have left a lasting impact on SFS that ensured that it could survive another 50 years.