Harris Appointed US Ambassador to South Korea

Former admiral Harry B. Harris Jr. (SSP’94) was appointed US Ambassador to South Korea filling the vacant position that had been open since the resignation of Ambassador Mark Lippert at the inauguration of President Donald Trump in January 2017.

SFS Alumna Publishes Book on Maine During World War II

Peggy Shiels Konitzky (SFS’79) recently published a book titled “Midcoast Maine in World War II” which highlights the challenges that Mainers faced with extraordinary strength during the war. Her process included interviewing residents and searching through archives to compile these stories.

Fellow Classmate of Kirstjen Nielsen at Georgetown Calls for Her Resignation

Arick Wierson (SFS’94) urges Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen (SFS’94) to reconsider her defense of the current administration’s practices of child separation at the border. He evokes memories of their time together at Georgetown and emphasizes how the practices she is supporting are in direct contrast to the pillars of humanitarian service and compassion taught at the SFS.

SFS Leadership Engages with Alumni, Friends in Nigeria and South Africa

SFS Dean Joel Hellman and Professor Scott Taylor, Director of the African Studies Program, recently visited Nigeria and South Africa to meet with SFS alumni and friends in the region. They explored partnerships with a range of stakeholders in each country, as SFS looks to deepen academic, business, and philanthropic relationships on the continent.

Maxwell Hamilton (SFS ’04) on the Future of Democracy in Myanmar

In a discussion hosted by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Maxwell Hamilton (SFS ’04), visiting fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, analyzed how the current crisis with the Rohingya Muslim minority is affecting Myanmar’s transition to a liberal democracy.

Kyle Rinaudo (SFS ’17) Runs for the Georgia House of Representatives

When Kyle Rinaudo (SFS ’17) threw his cap in the air last May to signify the end of his undergraduate education, he had no idea he would soon be running to represent Georgia’s 35th District in the state House of Representatives. If elected, the 21-year-old Acworth, GA native would become the state’s youngest representative and first Democrat in nearly two decades to represent his community.

Doug Heifetz (SFS ’96) smiths silver crafts in Silver Spring

Heifetz founded Lost & Forged, which offers lustrous metal creations, handmade from reclaimed vintage materials. “I’ve always loved rescuing old things—old materials, old ideas,” Heifetz says. “I love finding things that could be of value that are undervalued or forgotten.”

Aida Berio (SFS '52)

Aida Berio (SFS ‘52) Fought for Racial Justice

In 1978, a Puerto Rican woman made headlines for filing a lawsuit for racial discrimination in the Washington, D.C. District Court against the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, where she had worked since 1971. That woman was Aida Berio, who graduated from the School of Foreign Service in 1952.